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Steve MainOnesytem’s founder Steve Main identified an opportunity in the market to develop and provide easy to use, smart and cost effective cloud based software to small and medium business. Steve has captured big business thinking and shaped it to fit small and medium size business. With a simple to use interface and the ability to adopt the solutions that suit you rather than buying complex systems with a long list of options that you have paid for but don’t use.



Our vision

To deliver big business solutions, that have been simplified, are easy to use and at a price to suit small and medium businesses.

Why Onesystem

Running a business can be tough, long hours, managing costs, making decisions, keeping everyone safe,maintaining compliance and trying to make a profit. Our systematic approach can assist you in simplifying what your do now, improving your existing systems or updating what you have.

  • No deposit and low budget options available.

  • Start with one application and grow at your pace.

  • Industry specific packages available.


Onesystem how are you tracking

The evolution of Onesystem

Onesystem has evolved from concept into its modern integrated system.Its starting point may not have been the rock and chisel, but my first real need for a systematic approach started in quarries.

The whiteboard, pen, paper and then the real journey begins, with a click of the mouse and tap of a keyboard and your system is evolving.

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Onesystem’s Founder, Steve Main

Steve Main has over 30 years’ experience working, Managing and Consulting to a wide range of industries, small, medium, large organisations, industry associations and government departments.

With extensive experience in Health, Safety and Business risks, we believe these can be managed efficiently and effectively by identifying the gaps in existing systems, developing and implementing proactive strategies, effective management controls and continually evaluating the effectiveness of these systems.

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