Asset and Fleet Management

Manage your asset and maximise the return on investment

Organisations make significant investments to purchase assets to improve and grow their business whilst keeping a competitive industry edge. Organisations that implement and utilise an Asset Management Compliance software package enjoy the benefits of being a company of choice with tender submissions, reduced business interruption, significant cost reductions, full asset utilisation and reduced business risks.

What is Asset Management and Compliance Management?




Asset Management and Compliance management refers to a system that monitors and maintains things of value to an entity or group. It may apply to fixed and mobile assets such as buildings and its infrastructure, trucks, trailers, excavators, tractors, pumps etc. Asset Management and Compliance is relevant to all industries including mining, quarrying, logistics, marine, transport, buildings and property etc.

The benefits of implementing a systematic approach to Asset Management

  • Reduced Downtime

  • Optimised Assets

  • Reduce Business Risks

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Lower Operating Costs

  • Faster Return on Investment

  • Safer Assets

  • Increased Reporting

Key Features


Asset and fleet management Life Cycle

Asset and fleet management software

Asset Life Cycle

Detailed Asset and Fleet Management Software Reporting

Asset and Fleet Management Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Fleet and Assets

All Assets

Asset Fleet and Equipment Detailed Planning

Asset Fleet and Equipment Scheduled Maintenance

Detailed Planning

Protect your investment

The Onesystem Asset Management and Compliance software (AMCS) package is a leading Australian owned software solution ensuring your investments are fully maintained, operating at the highest availability, business risks are minimised.

Onesystem’s Asset and fleet Management software is suitable small, medium, and large organisations to optimise business and asset performance, reducing operating cost and optimising your staffs time. 

Organisations utilising Onesystem Asset and fleet Management and Compliance software enjoy piece of mind knowing that maintenance works are organised in a logical and cost effective manner. You are able to prepare with a click of the mouse the maintenance history, schedule work that needs to be done on a routine basis, overdue works, prepare unscheduled jobs that need to be carried out and access historical maintenance tracking, cost comparisons and spare parts / consumables performance.

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