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For inefficient business systems:

  • No research paper required, we appear to have less time to do the things we like and more time is taken up with emails, meetings and duplicating things.

    In our fast paced, paperless (as if), technology focused life have we really moved that far forward. Are business systems are getting more complicated rather than simpler or is the limitation, our need (and our regulators) want for a piece of paper with a signature and this is the way we use to do it?

    Adhoc systems can create frustration by systems not talking to each other, adding information in multiple locations and that feeling that searching for the information in the old filing cabinet wasn’t that bad after all.  It drains the life out of us all.

    No matter if it’s a small, medium or large business we are all drawn into the need for information.

    The cost to business is enormous, but putting that aside, the impact to us is significant long after we have left the office:

    • Limited sleep.
    • Increased stress.
    • Reduced family time.
    • Lost personal time.
    • The list goes on.

    There is a solution, if your business systems are not working for you. Get down to the IT department today (with a gentle know on the door, don’t kick it down) and start working smarter.

    Keep in mind:

    • Rome wasn’t built in a day, it may take a while.
    • Join the dots and engage the end users, designers. the support team and the accountant (funding person).
    • Look at the end goal.
    • Map the process.
    • Think about where the business is heading.
    • Keep systems adaptable.
    • Celebrate the easy fixes.
    • You don’t always need a new one of everything.

    I know that smarter business solutions can save your time and money and it will be worth the effort.

    good luck, Steve



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