Free Business Solutions

Our Commitment for 2018

We have committed this year to providing one simple to use business critical solution per month for free.

Just click on the icon, copy the link and send it to your team and save the link as a shortcut or favourite and use it as many times as you like.

Want something a bit more custom to suit your business, let us know.

Safety is critical to everyone, your family, to the business your work and potential clients. Our simple to use application captures information easily and send notifications keeping everyone informed and ensuring a chain or responsibility.

Try this easy to use template and let us know how we can assist you creating a safer workplace. Just copy and share the link, add your email and you will be notified by email. Our custom version includes text notifications and more.





How many times has your machine broken down rather than making you money because something simple was not fixed?

Getting information from site to the office in a timely manner is critical to your business reputation and operating cost. An email will be sent each time a maintenance request is added enabling your team to keep your equipment optimised and earning you money.