Can you bounce forward after a major disruption?













  • Leadership and culture

  • Networks and partnerships

  • Change readiness

  1. The viability and sustainability of organisations continues to be tested in a world that is constantly changing.
  2. Many organisations are realising that traditional corporate strategies are not protecting them from unexpected events.
  3. Organisations need to be able to absorb an event that necessitates change, to adapt and continue to maintain their competitive edge and profitability.

How healthy is your organisation? Does it regularly monitor its own progress to build on strengths and address weaknesses? What are its vital functions and is it resilient enough to not only bounce back, but bounce forward after a major disruption?


The Organisational Resilience HealthCheck is a free appraisal applied across various areas of your organisation. Whether you’re a risk manager or human resource officer, a team leader or a senior executive, the HealthCheck can help you and your team develop a shared understanding of your organisation’s progress towards resilience, and identify possible treatment actions and inhibitors.

Health Check






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