Risk Management


Risk Management

Manage your risks and optimise your opportunities

Organisations that have systematic approach to risk management software enjoy a heightened awareness in risk across all levels of the business resulting in increased opportunities to lower costs, increase business growth and keeping ahead of your their competitors.

What is Risk Management

Risk management the forecasting and evaluation of business risks including safety, quality, environmental management system software, compliance risk management software, people and financial etc together with the identification and implementation of controls to avoid or minimize their impact.

The benefits of implementing a systematic approach to Risk Management


  • Reduce Business Risks
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Increased Reporting
  • Informed Staff Making Decisions
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Effective Time Management

Key Features

Safety Management Software


Quality Management


Environmental Management Software


Compliance Risk Management


Why Risk Management

As risk management software discussions become an integral part of business activities and the overall strategic business process, the identification of risks and opportunities increase improving the overall business performance. This focus on risk and opportunities at all levels, including senior management results in a more collaborative business, enhancing a risk cultural and enabling risk and opportunities to be more openly discussed breaking down business silos.

Organisations that have implemented Onesystem make comment that, the increasing the focus on risk at all levels of the business results in a cultural shift allows risk to be considered more openly and breaks down company divisions /department / management structure silos with respect to how risk is managed.

Onesystem’s uncomplicated approach to the software interface removes user’s resistance to utilised business systems empowering users to share risk information within and across operations of the company, and allow better insights and decision making concerning risk at all levels.

One of the significant benefits of Onesystem’s risk management module is risk reporting is improved, notifications increase risk awareness and accountabilities are increased with transparent proactive reporting. This data increase improves decision making capabilities within the executive and director levels and operational levels of management. Employees acknowledge a shift is business thinking increasing business trust and building resilience at all levels including employees to the board.





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