Manage your assets to maximise your return on investment

Manage your assets to maximise your return on investment Organisations make significant investments when purchasing assets to grow and improve their business and maintain a competitive edge. Those who implement an Asset Management and Compliance Software (AMCS) package benefit significantly during tender submissions, and also enjoy reduced business interruption, cost savings, full asset utilisation and[…]

Red Plate Fever , does it exist

The day starts like any other and then you get that sinking feeling. The regulator (WorkSafe, EPA), the business auditor or that new joint venture company has just turned up and they want to know how your business runs. If this keeps you awake, we might be able to help! If your existing system is[…]

Performance meets simplicity to deliver “maximus” our new people management

Welcome to Maximus, the newest addition to the onesystem portfolio of integrated solutions for businesses to manage their staff, the staffs performance, schedule internal and external training, maintain licenses and certificates currencies and create staff development plans. The Maximus interface provides links to all the key elements of Maximus including, staff details, training courses, training[…]

it’s not a war between On-Premises vs Office 365 Cloud. It’s about bringing the most value, flexibility and mobility to our users in our organizations

Ignite: Collaboration in a Modern Workplace Transformed  Many times now, whether it’s with customers here in Montreal or talking in conferences around the world, I hear desperation from IT as their business users have moved on with technology for a modern workplace. People aren’t scared of the Internet anymore and it’s filled with easy to[…]