The dilemma, who are the ticks really for?

Onesystem Road MapCompliance, it’s the law, I must, someone said I have too, I’m tendering, I don’t know why.

Are you in a rut?  Stop digging and change your thinking.

Why be compliant with what everyone else things your business needs. Take control, move beyond compliance and turn that tender questionnaire into a sea of green ticks on your terms.
The compliance roller-coaster runs daily. You pass this morning’s requirements with flying colours and the project has started. The next tender submission / customer request hits a brick wall, someone wants something new that may or may not bring benefit to your business. What do you do? Implement something to get the tick, but you know that it creates more work and you are not going to use it. This is the dilemma, because when you actually get audited this new additional item to your business system may just be the thing that makes your non complaint, ironic isn’t it.

There is an alternative:

  • Create a road map that suits your business to drive compliance and opportunity with smart business thinking, keeping things simple with a plan, implementation, measurement & evaluation and management review strategies.
  • Don’t chase shinny objects and keep focus.
  • Information, is a powerful tool, filter the noise and action what you need.
  • Empower people, it’s amazing what people that feel trusted can do.
  • Do what you do well and get support in things that other people do well.

There are always more things that could be added to this list, never underestimate the power of simplicity. Change will be quicker and the process more rewarding.

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